Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who's got 'The Mist' double DVD?

"The Mist" came out of DVD on Tuesday. It was shot here in early 2007 at StageWorks of Louisiana.

When this sharp little monster flick was released around Thanksgiving, I was surprised it didn't scare up better box office numbers. During its run, it nabbed just under $25.6 million.

I thought "The Mist" was one of the most underappreciated, most satisfying horror flicks I've seen in a good spell.

I unapologetically gushed about it in my review: "'The Mist' is not simply an effective horror movie. It's a ferocious piece of popular social commentary. As well, it's a tightly crafted work of cinematic theater. If there's such a thing as a thinking man's horror film, 'The Mist' is it. ...

"(Director Frank) Darabont does more than simply tell a good Stephen King story. He tells a better one. 'The Mist' elevates a shocking little novella into an angry indictment of a place quickly losing its ability to cope with disaster. Most of us haven't been there and have no plans to visit. That some of us watch the credits and wait a few moments before leaving the dark theater is a testament to the movie's angry power."

Though the Thanksgiving crowd stayed away from it like it was dry turkey, I suspect the flick will find its flock on DVD.

Has anybody purchased the DVD yet and watched the extras? What do you think? Did you feel, contrary to me, that "The Mist" missed its mark?

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