Wednesday, March 05, 2008

'Comeback' needs extras ... I mean it!

I just got back from the "Comeback" set, which needs oodles of background extras immediately for today and tomorrow. Ice Cube, Fred Durst and Keke Palmer are all working, and they are shooting a championship football scene at Calvary Baptist Academy's football field.

It's a nonpaying gig, but you get free Krystal burgers and you might win a TV. Since only about 70 to 100 people showed, your chances of scoring some good movie schwag from a raffle are really, really good. Basically, your "job" will entail watching everybody else work and cheering when the cameras are pointing at the stands.

Click the following link to learn everything you need to know:

And oh yeah, about Ice Cube. He's as cool as his name. Very friendly. Funny. Loving the food at the casinos. And looking like he's having a ball on set. Check out tomorrow's Times for a story about the shoot.

And oh oh yeah yeah, photographer Greg Pearson was on set and nabbed some great shots, especially of Ice Cube. "I know that fro anywhere," said Pearson, who's bald. "I call it follicle envy."

PHOTO: I briefly interview Ice Cube -- yet another star who has better hair than me -- on the set of "Comeback" at Calvary's football field. (Greg Pearson/The Times)

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