Wednesday, March 12, 2008

'PINKS All Out' to film at Red River Raceway

Are you in the need for speed?

While you won't see me and my Scion XA four-banger laying down the law at Red River Raceway on March 28-29 -- I officially retired from competitive dragracing after forfeiting my '95 Cutlass Supreme to Vin Diesel on the streets of Santa Monica -- you can watch the racing and taping of "PINKS All Out."

Speed TV's most popular reality series is coming to town. Get your tickets here.

I've been told by new Times reporter and racing superfan Kristi Richie that 400 cars are going to compete (registration is closed). The absolute slowest one has to clock a quarter-mile in 12.99 seconds.

Since the Diesel and his Toyota Tercel (with leather) smoked me with a 21.08, I don't think either of us would have made the cut.

Regarding coverage of the event, Kristi said, "I just notified my husband that we were going, and I'm not going to have to buy an anniversary present for two or three years."

If you're a racer or a crew member working or playing on this show, send Kristi an email.

PHOTO: Kristi took this puppy in Vegas. The driver apparently fell in love with "Transformers." (Kristi Richie/The Times)

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