Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bob Weinstein champions ‘Soul Men,’ producer says

I visited the set of "Soul Men" late last week. The shoot had found the Kokopelis nightclub in downtown Shreveport, which, incidentally, is a great location for filming.

The buddy comedy stars Samuel L. Jackson and Bernie Mac, who play backup singers making a comeback. I spoke with two producers, who seemed to be enjoying the project. David T. Friendly spoke specifically about the Weinstein Co.'s involvement.

"I've actually come out of it with a greater appreciation for their commitment to movies," Friendly said. "I got a call one day from Bob Weinstein saying, 'I'm making your movie. Let's have breakfast.'"

I've been waiting for that call for 10 years. Bob: I cook a mean omelet.

Friendly continued, "And from that breakfast to this moment, he's always lived up to his promises, which I respect. He came down here. He was howling on the set. He loves our cast. He loves the script. He's just been a big champion."

Friendly's producing credits show some nice range. He did "Courage Under Fire," "Little Miss Sunshine," "The Chamber," "My Girl," "Laws of Attraction," and the "Big Momma's House" movies, among others.

"I've done a lot of comedy, but I don't want to be limited or strictly thought of as just a comedy producer," Friendly said. "I feel like my main interest is in what moves me. That could be making me laugh. That could be making me cry. … There are a lot of different reasons to make movies. But the main thing is that what's on the page gripped me."

"Soul Men" will be released in theaters Oct. 10.

PHOTO: "Soul Men" producers David T. Friendly (left) and Charles Castaldi discuss a scene while on location in Shreveport. (Doug Hyun/Dimension Films/Special to The Times)

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