Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Be on the lookout for local 'Soul Men'

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Word from the back alleys of blogdom says that Samuel L. Jackson injected a little style into the "Soul Men" wrap party on a recent Saturday night. He fitted the crew with fedoras. Nice gift. How cool is that? Who's got one?

The movie, also starring Bernie Mac, wrapped production Monday.


Kathryn Usher said...

No red hat for me since I wasn't an official member of the crew. I did my duty as part of the downtime over-21 r & r staff. The best memory of Mr. Jackson during this stay? His amused chuckle when I told his buddy to put his money back in his "man purse" and not spend it. Making supah-stars laugh...priceless.

Alexandyr Kent said...

That's worth more than a fedora, I'd say. After all, look what the fedora did to Jim Carrey's career.

Anonymous said...

Fedora is a nice touch however, it may have been easier to just have been a nicer person to work with! Word has it that he wasn't always this easiest person to tolerate. Kindness and integrity goes a long way in life. Hats off to that!