Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crawford, Texas, is coming to The Shreve

Jumping Hollywood productions, Batman! This just in at shreveporttimes.com:

Oliver Stone's 'W.' to film in Shreveport

By Alexandyr Kent

Shreveport has lured another major feature film production.

“W.” is in preproduction and will begin shooting April 21 and likely wrap June 20, according to Louisiana’s Office of Entertainment Industry Development.

“W.” will star Josh Brolin as President George W. Bush and be directed by Oliver Stone ... .

Click here to read the full story. Email me if you need to freak out.

And note to crew: crew resumes (only) can be sent to Lucie Bourgeau at (318) 603-9556.


Chris Jay said...

We can only hope that at some point in his youth, W. was pursued downriver by an angry pit bull while dodging gunfire courtesy of a drug cartel in search of their missing $2 mil.

*Crosses fingers*

Anonymous said...

Chris Jay --- Thank you for making me picture that... Brilliant!

Baily said...

LOL. Thanks Chris Jay. I really appreciate that.

thingything said...

This is amazing!! Such cool/good news. Saw more information about casting the parents at the Huffington Post just now -


mahogani (the media goddess) said...

seriously? what was stone thinking? gwb deserves a biopic???! what's next "the al gore story"? sheesh!