Thursday, May 21, 2009

Check out the Save Louisiana Films petition

The Save Louisiana Films petition has been up and running for a bit and has garnered about 1,700 signatures. It's being passed around as the legislature prepares to make its decisions about this year's crop of bills. (On Friday, the House's Ways and Means Committee will be holding a hearing about them.)

The petition reads: "By signing this petition you are showing your support for the continued success of the film industry in Louisiana. We are asking our State Legislators to support House Bill no 862 and Senate Bill no 245 which increase the Production Tax Credit from the current 25% to 30% and eliminates all reductions and sunsets. You signature indicates your support for these bills."

There are just two of the many bills.

If you want to bend lawmakers' ears about the industry -- for good or bad -- you can find there contact info here.

Local producer Lampton Enochs also pulled together this chart for members of the House Ways and Means Committee. Click on their names to contact them.

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