Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Local tax rebate passes

From shreveporttimes.com and Times reporter Adam Causey:

The Shreveport City Council has approved sales tax rebates for local movie productions.

The move, which was approved unanimously, will refund revenue from sales taxes paid by companies that produce films, TV shows and commercials and music videos here.

A little more here.

Scroll down a bit if you want to see the incentive.


Anonymous said...

that's great... except the last lullaby hasn't been a national hit at the box office

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the tax rebate, but Who is going to oversee and audit this tax rebate program?

We all know it can't be Calvin Lester or Cedric Glover, or Joe Shyne with their past records.

Maybe we should bring in an outsider to make sure the program is administered ethically.
Now is the time to start making sure the program is not going to embarrass shreveport.