Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trailer for locally made 'Silent Treatment'

Locally made short by writer/director Jonathan Rothell. Starring Michelle Loridans and Don Hooper. Shot on 35 mm. Watched it on DVD today. Craft speaks for itself. Hope to write more about it soon.


Cervantes said...

Working in this movie was a great cinematic experience. It combined my childhood memories(of watching Keaton and Chaplin on a Sunday morning) with the fact that I was actually acting in a "silent" film (just like actors from the past).
Thanks again Jonathan for the wonderful role. And thank you also, Mr. Kent, for having us here!
Cervantes Reck

Alexandyr Kent said...

Nice work. Your role called to mind a hybrid of Keaton and "Brazil's" Tuttle. (Or was it Buttle?)

JB Jones said...

This was such a fun movie - a sort of cinematic pun - playing with the concepts of silent films while still staying true to what made silent films magical.

I wish the current crop of directors would look back to this era for inspiration. There is a lot those old flickering films can teach us.