Thursday, May 14, 2009

Listen to music, be an extra

Just got this note from Glen Grefe, who’s making the indie feature “The Hurting Kind.” At Saturday’s Battle of the Bands concert and fundraiser (9 p.m., Mojo’s, 203 Texas St., $5 cover), Glen will have the cameras rolling. He invites actors to turn out and take part in the following. It’s not a paying gig but Glen promises you’ll have fun:

ATTENTION ACTORS! Several Cameras will be running for possible special features, future trailers, blog/podcast, etc. Stand out in crowd by wearing/characterizing:

1. College age partier type [jerseys, jock wear, nerd, stoner, yuppie, etc.]
2. Very slick/chic fashinable clothes/ensemble indicating your are a respectable REAL CALL-GIRL PIMP

1. College age partier type [sportswear, retro nerd, hippie, yuppie, ivy league, etc.]
2. GROUPIE [have fun with this]
3. Very Sexy, fashionable, tight outfit a CALL-GIRL [well part-time student, part-time call-girl] would wear
4. Cheerleader outfit or some ensemble.

School colors to wear: red, black, white; or sepia

Backstory: This is a small community college town of "Marion" - the college is putting on a "battle of the bands"; there are a few part-time student girls who make extra money by being escorts/call-girls. Girls are going missing, and our main character Mia wants to find killer and get revenge at all costs. This is just previous to where our movie begins.

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