Monday, June 18, 2007

Get rid of your old tubes

Experimental filmmaker Leo Kacenjar wants your old TVs. The Centenary College senior is shooting a short film based on "Cities of the Red Night," a short story by William Burroughs.

Click here to learn how to donate that TV.

You can check out Kacenjar's latest project here. It was published by an academic magazine called Hyperrhiz.

In an email to me, Kacenjar explained why he's adapting the story. It's pretty fascinating stuff.

Kacenjar wrote, "In a nut shell, it explores futuristic notions of the myth of the American West. Simultaneously this landscape is saturated at night with radiation that makes the sky glow red. The book is a deeply ergotic, opiate inspired, trip whipping from time period to time period and transversing location to location. What interests me is the spread of a virus through the red radiation, and the manifestation of that red sky into sex/death rituals that permeate his many fictitious societies.

"Personally, this brings up some fascinating questions about technology and biology. It is clear that technology eats flesh, but our winged creations are capable of so much good, it is hard see or analyze destructive potential. Always following the mentality of Harraway (especially in the Cyborg Manifesto), I realize that utter destruction in one light is the end, but in another light it is the only hope for true unanimity.

"The movie itself is about a digital virus becoming a biological virus, eventually seeping through the media and infiltrating our society. We are sent reeling from the media, closing the television eyes and stopping the bombardment. But the ghostly glow of digital screen has already mutated our society into a dark nether region, with a pervasive sex/death obsession. This shadowy, snuff world is truly egalitarian, but at what cost?"

Hopefully just a few of your old TVs. Send them to Leo ASAP.


Chris Lyon said...

If only I had known a week ago! Sorry , Leo...

Anonymous said...

What!? How about making a movie where something happens OR someone falls in love.

How about trying NOT to impress so much.