Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wanted: Dead Dancers #1 and #2 from 'Mr. Brooks'

Talk about a set keepsake. Jamie and Burt Ogilvie of Shreveport welcomed "Mr. Brooks" into their home, and Kevin Costner's character shot dead two unclad love-making dancers for the thriller's opening act.

On this square of sheetrock bleeds the couple's gloriously fake remains.

But the couple ain't done yet, mind you. Jamie wants these brain splatters signed!

Let's help her out, shall we? If you know actor Ross Francis and actress Megan Brown (pictured here), tell them to get out their Sharpies and give me a holler.


Chris Lyon said...

I have a signed brooks poster with them on it but i dont know where to find the two.

Alexandyr Kent said...

Alexandyr Kent said...


Chris Lyon said...

Ross is with Acclaim Talent.