Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Meet Jackson Beals. He’s gotta crow

Small speaking roles in movies aren’t so easy to come by, but Jackson Beals is determined to make the most of his.

The actor moved here from Tampa to take advantage of Shreveport’s growing movie industry. He has landed speaking roles in “Harold & Kumar 2” and “The Pardon” so far.

For the first, he played a KKK member who behaved like a rooster. I imagine it involved crowing and clucking, which had to impress the film’s stars, John Cho and Kal Penn.

“It was amazing,” Beals said. “I felt right at home with them. I had a two-day job.”

Beals thinks he got the part because he played it big at the audition.

“I did this huge character who was loud and rambunctious and nutty,” Beals said.

He brought that energy to the set, where they filmed late into the night.

“I’m a supporting player and I have to hit my mark every time,” Beals said. “There is no room for messing up.”

For “The Pardon,” his part wasn’t as exciting but he stayed focused between takes nonetheless.

“I was still the bailiff when I was standing around.”

Hear ye, hear ye, Jackson. Top job.

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