Monday, June 18, 2007

New video by Hurricane Chris shot in Shreveport

A few weeks back, Times writer Donecia Pea filed a story on Hurricane Chris. The rapper shot a video for "A Bay Bay" in Shreveport in mid May. The video recently premiered on BET. (That's very cool.)

Hundreds of people appeared in the video. You're not one of them if you didn't follow the advice of the DJ quoted in Donecia's story: "When the director yells 'action,' he wants you to clap your hands in the air and sing along," yelled DJ Bay Bay on a microphone. "If you don't know the words, you won't be in the video."

So, how does Shreveport look through the eyes of Hurricane Chris?


Chris Jay said...

I know EXACTLY where that $5.95/lb jumbo shrimp sign is...out by the Cajun daiquiri place that sells the "Shake Them Haters Off."

Also, County Market! And is that Mike Epps?! And is that COOLIO?!

Alexandyr Kent said...

I think you're two for three on your sightings, unless Coolio found the fountain of youth.

Chris Lyon said...

Well that looked like a waste of time and money. It could have been shot over 2 days.


Yeah, it was. It also could have been shot HD for much less cost and achieved the same image. It wasn't anything original nor did it happen to feature any mind-blowingly hot girls.

I'm disappointed solely for that last bit.

Anonymous said...

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annabel said...

I think that Country Market on Greenwood road used to be a TG&y or a piggly wiggly. The first season of Road Rules on MTV had the cast stop at the Country Market on their way through town!

Anonymous said...