Monday, June 25, 2007

Gregg 'Almighty'

If there is one certainty on my beat as movie reporter, it's that I'm going to run into Gregg Brazzel on a set. The Shreveporter has earned himself a steady career as a stunt stud.

So far, I've run into him on "Homeland Security," "The Last Lullaby" and "The Mist." For the last, a horror project, Brazzel plays pterodactyl food. Not only was he chased around a grocery store (and probably pecked to death) by the flying menace, but the effects-makers made a lifesize corpse of him. It appeared to be a few pints short in the blood department. Aside: Did you get to keep the body, Gregg?

Brazzel was also profiled in a recent Forum issue for his work on "The Pardon."

Imagine my (lack of) surprise when I attended "Evan Almighty" over the weekend and saw his mug in a crowd scene. If you go, watch for Brazzel near the end. He anchors a group of disbelieving townsfolk standing in front of Steve Carell and the newly built ark. They express disbelief that the funny man had built the wooden marvel, and then it starts to rain.

I must say, Brazzel's looks of befuddlement and worry were the most convincing of the bunch.

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