Friday, June 01, 2007

'The Great Debaters' in Mansfield

Times reporter Vickie Welborn lives in Mansfield, where “The Great Debaters” is being shot. The movie about a 1930s debate team from Marshall, Texas, is being directing by Denzel Washington, and it stars Forest Whitaker. Welborn’s following the happenings-on in downtown. Here are her pics and captions.

A scene for "The Great Debaters" is shot at the corner of Texas Street and Washington Avenue in Mansfield.

Freddy Thomas of Mansfield is one of a handful of local residents who grabbed extra roles in "The Great Debaters."

The DeSoto Parish Courthouse has been renamed as the Harrison County Courthouse for filming of "The Great Debaters" under way this week in downtown Mansfield.

A long vacant furniture store on Texas Street is a 1930s produce store for the film, "The Great Debaters," being filmed in Mansfield this week.

No, this is not a file photo of Mansfield in the 1930s. It's one-block area of Texas street around the courthouse square that has been transformed into Marshall, Texas, for the 1930s backdrop for "The Great Debaters" in production this week.


KitaKat said...

We enjoyed the city I even met the Mayor he was really cool. I see a glimpse of Markela Pierce leg in the photo nice..... We enjoyed everything. The Hair shop I purchase items thanks. The shop on the corner that have tons of stuff love it thanks Carolyn for letting me us the phone.I even visit th old Jail house wow scary I didn't realize how they torture inmates. I love to come back we had fun filming. I even saw lots of Confederated Flags that was kind of weird coming from California.. i know it still exist but damn give it up..

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