Friday, June 29, 2007

Writer schmoozes with comedian Mike Epps

Crystal Brown-Tatum, a freelancer who writes for The Times, got a photo opp with Mike Epps. The comedian was recently in town filming "The Better Man."

Here's a note from Crystal:

"When I heard that Martin Lawrence was filming a movie in town, I immediately signed up with Glorioso Casting. I was so excited when they called to cast me as a 'townfolk' extra for 'The Better Man.'

"I had been an extra before in a major motion picture and welcomed the experience although I knew we would be in for a long day with a lot of standing around. After eating breakfast and meeting with wardrobe, we were led to downtown Minden to film an outdoor scene. Joy Bryant, Martin Lawrence and Mike Epps were in this particular scene.

"Bryant and Lawrence seemed very focused and not interested in greeting the extras.

"Mike Epps was the better man. He was very friendly, funny and extremely down to earth and he even ate lunch with the extras! Between takes, he would come into the "general store" prop and grab a snack, tell a joke and take pictures with the extras.

"He is one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met!"


DesiStellar said...

i was there in minden that day,mike eppson was very nice.and i was the girl in the general store,with some of the extras and hair and make up people.

Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to meet him too on the set. He was so nice! Definitely one of the nicest celebrities that I've ever met!