Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Are you an awesome 'Mist' extra? Call me.

Apparently, director Frank Darabont and actress Marcia Gay Harden loved them some Shreveport extras while filming "The Mist" at StageWorks of Louisiana. I just got off a teleconference with them and they said, without prompting, that y'all were amazing.

For those of you who don't know -- Hi, Mom! -- "The Mist" unfolds largely inside a grocery store. Folks from a small Maine town flee to it when a mysterious fog shrouds their city and big bugs and tentacled things unleash a bizarre reign of terror. Inside the grocery store, the people begin to turn on one another. Marcia Gay Harden plays a Bible-quoting zealot who fears the end is nigh.


On set, Marcia and actors like Thomas Jane and Chris Owen worked hand in hand with extras to create an atmosphere of fear, distrust, worry, etc. See for yourself in this trailer. "The Mist" opens Nov. 21.

Here's Marcia: "There were these really, really amazing extras. ... There were maybe about 100 of them. They are like a Greek chorus in a play. … They began to respond to some of the things the character was saying. … They were the ones that made it easy. … They were crying and stamping their feet."

Here's Frank: "Those extras were awesome."

If you were awesome -- you know who you are -- call or email me. I want to write a story about you. (But only if you are awesome.)

And check out this super crazy fan site put together by the real, live "Mist" extras.

Here's my contact info: (318) 459-3256 or akent@gannett.com.

PHOTO CREDIT: Marcia Gay Harden smiles at the crowd after winning the Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in the film "Pollock," at the 73rd annual Academy Awards ceremony Sunday, March 25, 2001 in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Kevork Djansezian)

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