Monday, November 26, 2007

POLL RESULTS: Was new ending a good idea?

Here are the results of the recent blog poll. Judging by box office receipts for “The Mist,” it looks like our idea of a great idea was commercially suspect. Oh, well. Money can be pretty dumb sometimes:

Question: Director Frank Darabont wrote a new ending for 'The Mist,' which is based on a Stephen King novella. That is:

16% … A bad idea. King's faithful will cry foul. (8 votes)
10% … A good idea. The original ending sucked. (5 votes)
53% … A great idea. Darabont has proven himself the king of King adaptations. (26 votes)
8% … Unimportant. I didn't read the story and don't care to. (4 votes)
12% … Sooo off topic. All I care about is seeing Shreveport, baby! (6 votes)

PHOTO CREDIT: Director Frank Darabont works on the set of "The Mist," a Dimension Films feature film shot in Shreveport and northwest Louisiana. (Ralph Nelson/The Weinstein Company)

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Anonymous said...

The problem with the poll is that it didn't include a "It sucked" just because it was horrible. The film's ending was so far beyond comparing it to the novella.


I also don't think Thomas Jane did a good enough job acting out the fact that he just shot 4 people, including his son, in the head. It just seemed like he wasn't sure about his performance there. It also doesn't make sense that they wouldn't brave walking in the mist because Jane & Co. had braved the mist twice before with moderate success. There was no reason to not try- or if there was, I didn't feel like it was that big of a threat based on the previous successes.

*****SPOILER END*****