Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stories from ‘The Mist’: Part 3

Word of the day: expiation, or expiate. "To make amends or reparation for (wrongdoing or guilt); atone for," according to "Webster's New World College Dictionary," 4th edition. I wonder what Mrs. Carmody's definition is?

Pictured above is Elmer Hermes (left) with actor Sam Witwer of "The Mist."

Here are more tidbits from the grocery store set of 'The Mist,' where extras spent about five weeks.

Jim Cooper: "During a break in one scene, while visiting quietly with a tall, nice looking lady, I began to do a couple of clogging steps to stay loose. She immediately recognized the steps and began to clog and sing 'Rocky Top.' It turned out that she was a past Texas State Champion clogger. A few days/scenes later she performed her Mist role as 'The Terrified Lady.'"

Tammy Eaton: "It is always exciting being on any set. But, the energy level was more intense than normal on this one. You could feel it in the air. I am one of the town's people in the running scene. My partner Terry and I got to run into the camera across the store's parking lot while everyone else ran in the other direction. With Terry's help and crew I got through a couple of hours of running. The look on all our faces are more than likely very real."

Mike Martindale: "There are two moments that particularly stand out for me. The first was one morning a couple of weeks into shooting. We were first getting onto the set. Frank (Darabont) was by Video Village, where he monitors the camera shots, and he said, 'Good morning, Mike. How's it going?' I don't even remember what I said. Something like, 'Great, I'm just glad to be here.' The other was toward the end of the movie. … I had to get up from between two registers, and go stand behind Marcia Gay Harden. And between takes, Frank had come over to choreograph some things and he was telling me, one on one, move between these registers to Marcia, then when you move from Marcia, pick up the pipe wrench here and then move to up here, etc. Outside, I'm nodding, 'Yes, sir, got it, OK,' but inside I'm screaming. I'm actually taking direction from FRANK DARABONT! What a moment."

Brenda and Jim Graves: "The white house on the lake in the beginning of the movie 'Drayton's House.' My most memorable time at the set was chatting with Patricia Arquette in our living room, and watching her and Thomas Jane having lunch in our dining room. Also, their daughter Harlow playing with our kids Warren and Arianne-that was cool!!!"

Jeannie Perrin: "I met Buck Taylor, who many remember as Newly on Gunsmoke, on the set. I showed him a picture which included me, my aunt and his late father Dub Taylor cutting up on the set of 'Creature of Black Lake' which was also filmed locally back in 1976. He was so moved I gave him a copy and he autographed mine. What are the odds that I, as a teenager, would get to be photographed with a celebrity and then in one with his son 30 years later?"

And I think I have a few more anecdotes to share tomorrow, opening day for "The Mist."

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