Sunday, November 25, 2007

'The Mist' doesn't attract big Turkey crowd

Mixed to decent reviews, an R rating, no marquee names and one brave but bleak finale have translated into a locally disappointing opening weekend for "The Mist." It will likely come in 9th place and take in an estimated $9 million from Friday to today. From Wednesday, its opening day, it will likely gross $13 million. Check the charts at, or check Variety's report.

Disney's "Enchanted" secured the biggest business, earning an estimated $50 million since Wednesday. "The Mist" was released on about 2,400 screens, while Enchanted took over about 3,600.

If you take "Enchanted" out of the equation, the rest of the box office is slugging it out for audiences. Just over $9 million will separate 2nd from 9th.

"The Mist" will face a lot of competition in the coming weeks, with more than 60 films set for release from Thanksgiving through the end of the year. Will is scare up a cult or consistent following? It's definitely a tough road.


If you didn't catch it, my interview with Matthew Broderick ran today. He was recently in town filming "Wonderful World."


Sammy said...

I caught The Mist Saturday night while I was in town visiting my parents. I read the novella about two years ago and loved it.
I thought the creatures were great, and I thought the film did a good job of showing the human struggle, although I felt like they did it more through commentary in the dialogue. However, the scene with the butcher (don't wanna give anything away) made the entire movie.
HOWEVER, I was very disappointed in the movie, and I blame it all on Darabont. It was very, very cheesy. The dialogue was terrible, the film was slow, and actors mostly just stood around delivering lines. I thought the new ending was OK, although a little over-dramatic.

I was also upset that the two main characters didn't have sex in a back room like they do in the book.

Alexandyr Kent said...

Finally. Someone who's disappointed that the movie left out the naughty bits.