Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stories from ‘The Mist’: Part 4

It's probably an understatement to say that some extras got some quality time with the cast and crew of "The Mist," which was shot primarily on a grocery store set inside StageWorks of Louisiana. Locals have shared about a dozen anecdotes with me about hobnobbing with the Hollywooders. Above is a picture of Kim Woodard, who's showing off a journal she kept on the set." Actors Buck Taylor and William Sadler added their own self-portraits. How cool is that?

Below is my last edition of tales from the set.

James Paul: "All of the actors and the extras became one big family. … When it was over nobody wanted to go.I've been in 12 movies and this one I'm dying to see."

Frances "Frannie" McKenzie: "I cannot say enough about the assistant directors K.C. and Paula, they were so patient with all us 'newcomers' and Paula and her husband Courtney shared their dog with the extras so we wouldn't be so homesick for our own pets. The first assistant directors George and Craig and the production assistant mark, were just great and took up a lot of time with us out in holding. A lot of the stars came to holding and took pictures with us, signed autographs and visited with us on and off throughout the filming. Ginnie Randall not only visited with us but sang for us, Buck Taylor shared his wonderful gift of sketching with us, David Jensen and William Sadler shared stories and kept us in stitches with their antics, and Nathan and all the other children were so well behaved and just a delight to be around."

Isaac Manuel, Jr.: "During my time on the set of 'The Mist,' what I enjoyed most was the 'special' bond that was created among all of the core extras while we were in holding, waiting to shoot a particular scene. And, even thought I don't consider myself a scary person and realized that we were shooting a movie, there were times that I became frightened by some of the characters, situations and plots that came out of 'The Mist.'"

Jonathan Fife: "I helped fuel the actors' performances while in the camera frame with them & off camera. It is my impression that the director and assistant director were very pleased with my performance and assistance. I would like the chance to thank the casting agency, crew, actors, assistant director and director for letting me participate in such an 'awesome' experience."

Gwen Hughes: "I was an extra 'in' 'The Mist.' It was an awesome experience. A lot of long hours, a lot of waiting in holding, but it was worth it. The actors were superb. The stunt men and one woman were fantastic. The AD's and crew were excellent and could not have been more accommodating. And what can I say, the director, Frank Darabont, was amazing, an unbelievable artist. It was an experience I will always remember."

John McLeaish on playing a 'believer' and being part of the mob: "I'm yelling stuff like 'Amen' and 'Get him,' so I guess that makes me a believer. … It was just like watching a painting come to life.'"

Tom Wallace on who got in trouble eating the props from the grocery store set: "Andre Braugher stepped up and confessed to that."

Meanwhile, if you happen to go see the movie over the Thanksgiving weekend, please post your thoughts in the comments field of my review or add some chatter to my blog. I'd love to know what you think. As you can see by my previous post, opinions are divided.

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