Thursday, November 08, 2007

Photo shoot for 'The Mist' extras!

Hey "Misties and Mistesses!"

I want you for a Shreveport Times photo shoot.

I'm going to be writing a story about your experiences for the paper. My coverage will hit the streets (and the Web) a few days before the national release date: Nov. 21.

Since there are so many of you who worked on "The Mist" -- especially the core extras -- I want to invite you to a photo shoot we're holding on Sunday in Vivian. Below are the details. If you plan on coming, please RSVP by posting a comment to this post. We need to have an idea of what we're getting into! Please keep in mind this will be a group photograph.

WHAT: "The Mist" extras.
WHEN: 1 p.m. Sunday sharp (Nov. 11).
WHERE: Tom's Market, 212 N. Pine St., Vivian, La. (Google your directions.)
DRESS: wear the ordinary clothes like the ones you did on set.
PARKING: do not park directly in front of the store. Carpooling would be great! We must be careful not to interrupt the store's business, as Tom Terry has graciously agreed to host us. (Say thank you to him!)
AND ... : Extras for "The Mist" extras only, please. Don't make me get Marcia Gay Harden on your bad self!

I am also soliciting anecdotes about your experiences on the set. If you want to type up a couple graphs about your most memorable, funny, cool or boring moment, send 'em my way. Contact me at or 318.459.3256.

And I promise I'll come up with a better nickname for y'all by Sunday.


John Daniel said...

John Daniel, RSVP'ing

Ideas for nicknames:

The Misty's,The Misties,The Misters

Jeannie said...

I am definitely going to be there! Will be exciting to see my movie friends again!
Jeannie Perrin
Core Extra

Anonymous said...

I will be there, Won't it be fun to
see everyone again!! I am thinking we should all wear our Mist clothes lol!
Margaret Wren
Core Extra

Gwen said...

I will be there. Maybe I can talk Frank into coming also (you know how he is). It will be great to see all "The Mist" extras family again.


BayouBelleTraders said...

I had a great time at the photo shoot of "The Mist" extras. It was like a family reunion, kinda, sorta. After 7 months everyone looked so much better than they did while spending over a month trapped in the "grocery store" together. I'm looking forward to the movie coming out. Thanks Alex. lalefty

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I missed the photo shoot, I had a family illness. I hope to see you all soon!!!
Margaret Wren