Sunday, November 11, 2007

'The Mist' extras photo shoot was a blockbuster

Thanks again to everyone who turned out for our "Mist" photo shoot. Here's one shot of photographer Greg Pearson trying to fit 40 to 50 folks in his lens. (I obviously couldn't do it with my camera, but he's a pro.)

We traveled up to Vivian today to shoot the photo in front of Tom's Market. The grocery store served as a model for a grocery store set built inside of StageWorks of Louisiana, a soundstage in Shreveport. (The shoot also spent a couple days in Vivian.)

Why all the fuss? The extras enjoyed a rather rare opportunity on the set of "The Mist." Many of them -- called "The Core" -- worked the entire shoot and got very cozy with cast and crew.

In "The Mist," a group of small-town folks get trapped inside the store when a supernatural fog rushes over the city. Huge bugs, monsters and terrors of all sorts force folks to choose sides, and the battle for survival basically becomes a war between believers in "The End of Days" and nonbelievers.

The stars of the film and director Frank Darabont relied heavily on The Core to create an atmosphere of conflict, fear, etc.

We'll all get to see the results on Nov. 21 when "The Mist" is released nationwide. Our coverage for the Shreveport Times will begin rolling out -- like a monstrous, inescapable mist -- very soon.

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