Thursday, May 08, 2008

Bounty of La. DVDs coming soon

I know it's summer blockbuster season but lots of La. movies are coming out on DVD very soon. I'm most interested in seeing "The Cleaner," which is a Nu Image/Millennium Films project starring Samuel L. Jackson, Ed Harris and Eva Mendes.

Which DVD will you buy?

"The Great Debaters" (Shreveport, DeSoto Parish): May 13

"Mad Money" (Shreveport): May 13

"The Cleaner" with Samuel Jackson (Shreveport): May 27

"Meet the Spartans" (shot in LaPlace and New Orleans): June 3

"Jumper" (Baton Rouge): June 10

"My Mom's New Boyfriend" (Shreveport): June 17

Thanks to Amber from the state office for providing most of this list.

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