Monday, May 19, 2008

Micro-budget director shooting promo trailer May 31

An indie horror director is shooting the promotional trailer for his next project, "The Hurting Kind," on May 31.

"I'm making a local film using local talent and using local cast and crew," said Glen Grefe. The promotional trailer will be used to raise money for the production.

Grefe made his latest film, "Nutcracker," on a micro budget. It cost less than $10,000.

He hopes to raise more money this time around. "I want to escalate. I really want to branch out to a high quality audience this time around."

"Nutcracker" was distributed on DVD through Brain Damage Films, which serves a market for low- and micro-budget horror.

To be successful with "The Hurting Kind," Grefe will have to build a cult following through YouTube, etc., and serve the niche audience what it wants: presumably, something super freaky.

Grefe's a bit hush-hush on the details, but I know this. The heroine of "The Hurting Kind" feels no pain, so we can assume there will be "Saw-like" scenes of torture and torment.

"It's going to be very character driven," Grefe promised. "She uses her own weakness to get through the situation. Her weakness becomes a strength."

He promises that it won't be camp, either. "It's a fine line of emotion because you can easily stray into corniness," he said. "I like serious horror, and it's a challenge."

The shoot will take place at the Lee Hardware apartment building in downtown Shreveport. (Lots of artists live there.) He's going to need a crew of 12 to 20 and a cast of "one to four."

Rehearsal will take place May 30 between 7 and 9 p.m. The shoot will last all day May 31.

The promo shoot is strictly a volunteer affair: no pay, but you will be fed.

For a list of everything he needs, click here. If you want to contact Grefe, click here. If you want an idea of what Grefe makes, check out the trailer for "Nutcracker" below. (It's not for kids.)

And here's an early, early promo trailer for "The Hurting Kind."

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