Thursday, May 08, 2008

EW gets first look at 'dub-ya'

Have you seen the cover of Entertainment Weekly? They got a pretty stellar piece on "W.," the Oliver Stone bio pic of our current president. The flick begins shooting Monday in Shreveport.

Here's a link to the story. And below are some pretty choice excerpts. This movie could hit theaters when election season is at its peak.

"For the first time, he's turning his cameras not just on a living president but on one who'll still be knocking around the White House when the movie premieres late this year," writes EW's Benjamin Svetkey. "As if that weren't provocative enough, Stone could end up releasing the film as early as October, at the height of a presidential campaign in which one of the major issues will undoubtedly be the legacy of the guy on the screen."

Stone has promise a fair portrait of President Bush, but the director isn't shy about his take the president's legacy: "'Bush may turn out to be the worst president in history,'" Stone told EW. 'I think history is going to be very tough on him. But that doesn't mean he isn't a great story. It's almost Capra-esque, the story of a guy who had very limited talents in life, except for the ability to sell himself. The fact that he had to overcome the shadow of his father and the weight of his family name — you have to admire his tenacity. There's almost an Andy Griffith quality to him, from A Face in the Crowd. If Fitzgerald were alive today, he might be writing about him. He's sort of a reverse Gatsby.'"

Read ever inch of this story. It's a great read.

Shreveport's going to be on the political map in November after all. What do you think?

Thanks, V.S., for the tip.

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