Thursday, May 01, 2008

Calling all Ira Glass fans

"This American Life: Live": a live-from-New York HD broadcast with host Ira Glass.
When: 7 p.m. tonight (May 1).
Where: Cinemark Tinseltown, 8400 Millicent Way, Shreveport.
Cost: $20. Prebuy tickets here.

It's probably good I can't attend tonight's live broadcast of "This American Life," the public radio and television series. I'm a superfan of host Ira Glass, and I'd probably scream out my undying love of his storytelling savvy during the entire screening. "Nice metaphor, Ira!" "Poignant personal anecdote, Mr. Glass!" "Thematically rich narrative, Mr. Super Awesome Host!"

My absence shouldn't stop you from going, though. (It should actually encourage you.) If you don't know anything about This American Life, learn more here. According to a press release, here's what to expect at tonight's show: "Glass debuts never-before-seen extraordinary, funny and true stories from everyday life, shows outtakes, and answers audience questions. This exclusive theatre event will be broadcast LIVE from New York via satellite to select movie theatres nationwide."

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Emma said...

I love Ira too! My friend's blog just wrote this post about him-