Monday, May 19, 2008

NYT's The Bagger profiles The Shreve

David Carr was in Shreveport! OK, I know you're more excited to read that he has profiled Shreveport's movie industry in The New York Times. But really ... The Carpetbagger, the best movie reporter in moviedom, was checking out The Shreve! (He's the guy who videoblogs the run-up to the Oscars.)

Here are a couple of choice excerpts.

About competitiveness: "It is that economic infusion, the kind that pumps new blood and money into a post-industrial city, that has state and local governments all around the country constantly wooing the entertainment industry. New York, for example, recently announced new incentives, partly to make sure that American productions stay in its state, not Connecticut or Vancouver or, sometimes, Romania. With the dog fight among all the competing locales, there is a chance that it will turn into a zero-sum game."

From Oliver Stone, who is in town directing "W.": "'I’m used to making movies around here. ... I made four movies in Dallas. And where we are right now,' he said, gesturing toward the town and the plains beyond, 'is Bush country, so it feels right.'

"'You get something working with extras from here,' Mr. Stone added. 'Look, these people are gamblers and roughnecks. They know all about boom and bust. This is a second-chance town. I just read that there may be a huge reserve of gas right under the city that was not discovered until very recently."

Superb piece (mostly because Carr took the time to find Herby-K's). Over time, NYT's coverage going to draw a lot more press to this city. It only builds interest.

Again, read every word of it.


Chris Jay said...

Holy cow, we got mentioned in the New York Times...okay...this really is getting weird.

Anonymous said...

The Times needs to print this article reference on its Front page.

Anonymous said...

And they can mention our recent article in the Austin paper

Evan said...

Aww man and moviesauce was this close *gestures a small amount* to getting mentioned too. He took some pictures of our crew at the RFC doing a promo shoot for MSFF.

Kathryn Usher said...

Bike to Highland. Look around. Buy as many as pieces of property as you can. YOU WILL SOON BE VERY RICCCCHHHHHH.

We are, as my neighbor with dual residencies in SB Land and Austin says, "Austin...for the rest of us" OR "Affordable Austin"... life in SB Land is gooooood.

P.S. Go vote for me when you can.