Friday, May 02, 2008

The Robinson Film Center's new digital projector ...

I'm jus' keeding! This relic sits on the front concession counter.

I got a little tour of the Robinson Film Center today. (If I ask to see it one more time, I bet I'll be arrested.)
They had one of the digital projectors (not pictured) fired up in the big theater. It's pretty sweet, and the glassed in projection room will give you a glimpse of how digital movie projection works. Not as romantic on traditional 35 mm (which the film center will also show) but the results are hard to argue with.

Its planners have spent six years fine-tuning, funding and building this $4.2 million movie theater and education center. It's now built and will soon be running. Now, the RFC's big question is, "We built it. Now will they come?" Time will tell.

Meanwhile, my questions for you:
  • Are you going to attend screenings at RFC on a regular basis?
  • Will you eat at its bistro?
  • Will your kids take advantage of its educational programs?
  • Will you drive downtown for entertainment?
  • Will you take your baby to cry-baby matinees?
  • Will you attend programs for senior citizens?
  • Will you buy coffee and muffins there in the morning?
  • Will you make it a regular stop on your leisure schedule?
  • Will you support it financially?
I'd like to learn how you plan to use RFC or why it doesn't fit into your life. Please let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email. This is an important discussion to have.


Evan said...

I plan to use the film center for moviesauce...

Interpret that how you will.

But seriously, I imagine being up there at least once a week whenever I'm home until after I graduate and move back and go even more often.

Obviously, being able to see indie films in Shreveport is awesome, but good ones can be few and far between, so I'm especially looking forward to the special programming events like a best of Chaplin night or Monty Python or even a Kubrick fest or something. Going to back to back screenings of great films with other people who love them will be a real treat.

I plan to make it my new "hangout" instead of Courtyard Coffee for meeting up with the crew to talk about movie and photo shoots. And who knows, maybe they'll even have good food and I'll go there just for that too.

Anonymous said...


Is it really true, Alexandyr Kent?

Is there actually a section in the Robinson Film Center named after Pee Wee Herman?

Dim the lights, but ...
No butter my popcorn, please!!!

Guess Who?
Your anonymous friend is back!LOL

Anonymous said...

I'll be there for the regular flicks the super-mega-plexes in town do not get. And count me in for the specialty programming Evan mentioned. Besides, it will be exciting to have another nice place to take friends when they visit.

Kathryn Usher said...

Some people stalk stars, others stalk film centers...

It's exciting!

Last year when we did our ghost hunting walking tours of downtown Shreveport, it was fun to say "This herrrrrrre is fixin to be a film center.."

Now I can say "Beverage anyone? Last clean restrooms before we head down to Oakland Cemetery. Please make sure your visit to SB Land includes time at the film center. Now let's move along because just west of here we got a site connected with a serial killer...(of course this takes us towards artspace so we can talk about the Mr. Brooks film).

Is SB Land not the greatest place to live? TAKE THAT AUSTIN!!!! Who needs your unreal real estate prices and horrendous traffic problems.

Alexandyr Kent said...

As long as they don't name a front row seat after Paul Reuben, I'll still attend.

Chris Lyon said...

I think the programming is shaping up to be something extra cool this summer once we have all had a chance to break in our movie-showing limbs. Something I'm looking forward to is a Friday night B-movie series Chris Jay is putting together.

Look out Walpergis and Alligatorman... here we come!