Friday, May 30, 2008

Moviesauce gave me a special chair

Only one other patron at tonight's sold-out screening of "Monster Camp" was brought a seat. And I had the fun of buying the last ticket, which was apparently the second last ticket.

Good show tonight at the Moviesauce Film Fest. All 48 seats of the Robinson Film Center's small theater were taken. Will you arrive early tomorrow? "Free rubber duckies to the first 47," I heard from an unreliable fictional source.

Leftover sauce
WHAT: Moviesauce Film Festival.
WHEN: Saturday, May 31.
WHERE: Robinson Film Center, 617 Texas St.
COST: $7, per program. Available at the door or online at

1 p.m.:
Program 3 (“The Outhouse,” “The Summer in Winter”).
4 p.m.: Program 4, all shorts (“The Lonely Lights, The Color of Lemons,” “Love Pills,” “20q,” “Vanished Acres”).
7 p.m.: Program 5 (“The Golden Samovar,” “Fix”).
10 p.m.: awards announcement.

Get you movie synopses here.

First-person floor photography. I apologize.

First-person chair photography. Thank you for understanding.

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