Tuesday, June 24, 2008

'Disaster Movie' trailer hits MySpace

Well, that was fast. The Shreve-made movie hits theaters Aug. 29. Thanks, CR.

What do you think? The Juno-Carrie-Zohan mash-up is pretty funny. (But by the way, what do any of those characters have to do with disaster movies? Methinks their spoof's too loose.)

Disaster Movie


Chris Lyon said...

I saw a variation of this in front of Get Smart. I think it looks like the funniest 'Movie' since the first one. I've only seen Scary Movie 1 and 2. I
m going to have to see it because it's filmed in Shreveport of course- and a good friend of mine is supposed to be up front on camera.

Could be a good popcorn movie if I find the right night to see it on.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY an oscar winner comes from Shreveport!

Alexandyr Kent said...

To be fair, the race is down to "Harold & Kumar" and "Disaster Movie." Roldy's got the edge for best actor.

Anonymous said...