Monday, June 09, 2008

La. Produces meetup set for Tuesday; 'Doors' recap coming Thursday

Tomorrow's 7 p.m. meeting of the La. Produces group will feature Cyndi Brenner of Louisiana Production Consultants. She'll talk about the new, free grip and electric training class currently being offered at Mansfield Studios.

If you're interested, the meeting will be held at the Robinson Film Center, 617 Texas St.

Regarding the film center, last night's screening of "The Doors" attracted a healthy crowd. Despite a bummer of a projection problem – a 17-year-old, stretched print led to a temporarily stopped movie – attendees seemed to enjoy hearing Val Kilmer talk about his craft, Jim Morrison and Oliver Stone. The Times will offer a wrap-up of the event on Thursday.

Personally, it was fun to see Stone show up for the reception and pop into the theaters as the movie started. "Thirty years later and I'm still checking prints," he said.

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