Thursday, June 19, 2008

Please allow me to introduce you

During the past few months, I've been getting emails about:
  • Your recent successes in the industry
  • Building résumés and jumpstarting new careers
  • Indie film projects
  • New or established vendors
  • Working as an actor in movies, TV and local theater
  • Training opportunities for local actors and crew members
  • Your frustrations about not moving up.

I hear you, and I think I can help a bit. How? I'm Superman. OK, I'm not, but Clark, who sits next to me in the newsroom, offered up a good idea.

Tell me about your work, and I'll tell my readers about you.

If you're game and want to be featured on this blog, answer the following questions; send me a picture of you or your work; and provide links to your website. Email me all of it by clicking here.

  1. What was your most recent job in the movie industry, or what are you working on now?
  2. What's the coolest part about your job?
  3. What is your main career goal?
  4. What single experience has proved most valuable?
  5. In what movie or show can we see your work? Highlight a scene you like.
  6. What's your favorite movie of all time and why? (You must choose one. That's it. One. No wishy-washy whining, now. Just choose.)

Come on, now. Answer the questions. You can't say no. I want them to want you. And remember: Being first is hip.

Happy, happy, joy, joy! You've been suckered into reading the fine print. What are the guidelines? They're simple, really.

  • You are working in the movie industry, or want to work in the industry and have necessary experience. (For example, you're a budding location scout. Or, you're a local filmmaker. Or, you're an industry vendor. Or, you're a theater actor working to transition to film/TV. Or, you're an artist now doing storyboard work. Etc.)
  • Your answers are specific, sincere, honest, concise and informative. (Two to four sentences per question should suffice. No novellas, please.)
  • You're entertaining. Come on, now. It's showbiz.
  • Shameless self-promotion is OK, but blatant advertising is not. I'll be the judge of that, thank you very much.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Most people can't get off work to be in a movie and if you love movies and celebrities as most folks do, this 20+ movies being made here in Shreveport is torture. I know some who are depressed after 2 years of this. There are disabled folks who worship movie stars and can't understand why we can't see one now. Shreveport citizens would like to see just one part of a movie being made or one celebrity. Someone is determined to keep it so secret and if you did stumble upon a set, the police would let you nowhere near to even look with binoculars. When Steel Magnolias filmed, everyone in town saw every star. When Denzel filmed in Marshall, he had the good manners to give the town a premiere. Who's fault is it that Shreveport gets raw end of deal? Alot of people are upset and won't go see the movies made here for that reason, feel like they are jerks who think we are all hicks. You bring something to your host, it's just good manners, and you're in the South and we like manners, and movies -for now.