Monday, June 16, 2008

Plastic meat? Fake flashlight? Giant ice cream cones? Yup, it's a prop house

I found myself inside Studio Operations today, a prop house in the Shreveport. It stores everything -- and I mean everything -- that Millennium Films has used since the company began making films here in late 2006. Meg Ryan's fat suit? Katie Holmes' shoes? Taxi cabs? Rows and rows of wardrobe? It's all there.

Studio Operations also rents props to local productions. Both "Disaster Movie" and "W." have rented stuff -- fake meat and office supplies respectively -- in recent weeks. They're currently awaiting the arrival of a jet fuselage that will sit on a 40-foot trailer.

If you have questions or needs, contact's Karrie Shockley at 318.635.6794 or

Wade Marshall and Karrie Shockley staff Studio Operations, which is located at 2154 Midway Street in Shreveport.

They kept some meat that was used on "Disaster Movie." No word on whether it was from the art or catering department.

Bar stools from "Blonde Ambition."

Car from "Streets of Blood" (aka "Microwave Park"). Look close and you'll see bullet holes in the passenger side door.

Must have been one costly fare to get this cab to Shreveport.

Studio Operations warehouse spans 20,000 square feet and is packed to the gills.

This was my favorite prop. A cop's flashlight, made of foam, which I believe was used on "Cleaner." Anybody remember a scene where someone got cracked in the noggin?

PHOTOS: Alexandyr Kent/The Times


Christopher said...

The fake meat was used as a spoof of Wanted where Angelina Jolie was in front of the meat and she told the guy to curve the bullet

Alexandyr Kent said...

Mmm, fake meat.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking Mr. Sam L. Jackson gets clunked in "The Cleaner" by a not-so-friendly policeman.

I think...

Alexandyr Kent said...

Chris-Brad: Send me your email address again. I just switched computers and misplaced my all-important movie geek source list.

Anonymous said...

Yea, Samuel Jackson's character get's pulled over in his van by a cop. He tells the cop that he also used to be a policeman. The cop says "I know who you are Tom", then clocks him with the flashlight and leaves.

Anonymous said...