Tuesday, June 03, 2008

‘The Longshots’ trailer is online; ‘Fix’ gets awesomesauced

For the past few days I've been chained to a deadline or an airline seat. It's time for an Inbox exorcism.

  • "The Longshots" ("Comeback") trailer is online, and it has that cool movie trailer voice. It opens July 25. Click here.
  • Here's a production story on "Disaster Movie" we published Monday. Read how they are using Mansfield Studios.
  • The Moviesauce Film Festival awarded its prizes on Saturday. Best feature: "Monster Camp." Best short: "Vanished Acres." Awesomesauce: "Fix." Congrats. I was sorry to miss Saturday's programming, but a wedding party in Minnesota beckoned.
  • Natchitoches is holding a 20th anniversary party for the filming of "Steel Magnolias." They'll be screening the movie outdoors. Call the city's tourism bureau for more info: (800) 259-1714.
  • And I'm finally on Facebook, and a bit friendless. Don't let me be only the lonely, now.

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