Friday, June 20, 2008

Six questions for Michael Allen

Michael Allen, from East Texas, has worked background in six locally made movies.

Q: What was your most recent job in the movie industry?

A: My most recent job was background in the movie "W," I was a presidential aid in the Situation Room. Really an experience doing a scene with James Cromwell and Richard Dreyfuss, they were fantastic!

Q: What's the coolest part about your job?

A: I believe the coolest part is seeing the people I have enjoyed in movies over the years and getting a new wrinkle in my brain from the experience of how everything is put together.

Q: What is your main career goal?

A: Even though I am not a 'young' actor, I am a 'new' actor. I hope to make acting a career not just for money but in fulfilling a lifelong dream. I was born to act, I'm just a little slow. :)

Q: What single experience has proved most valuable?

A: I believe the most valuable experience so far was to get to audition for an independent horror-type movie for a speaking part. I could work a dozen background jobs (and all I have done so far is background) and not get as much valuable insight as I did on that one 'real' audition. It was a grand learning experience!

Q: In what movie or show can we see your work? Highlight a scene you like.

A: Well, After "The Great Debaters," where I was a Sharecropper Beating Blur in the barn scene, I am hesitant to mention much until the movie comes out. But I did enjoy being a New York City cop in "Soul Men." Funeral scene at the Apollo Theater. Don't we all want to dress up like a cop or cowboy or something like that?

Q: What's your favorite movie of all time and why?

A: My all time favorite movie has to be "It's A Wonderful Life," whenever I feel low … whenever I feel discouraged in life, I watch that movie. I smile, I laugh, and yes even tear up at points but it just makes me feel good and I keep going. I have been diagnosed and lived with Crohn's disease for over 25 years now and no matter what happens I can count on "It's a Wonderful Life" to help motivate me.

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