Thursday, July 23, 2009

'Battle: Los Angeles' coming to The Shreve

Did you catch the news on Twitter, or on (I'm using Twitter a lot these days to get the word out.)

Details broke out of The Advocate and the Times-Pic after a Wednesday press conference held in Baton Rouge.

The Aaron Eckhart flick will reportedly start by spending a month in The Shreve and then move to Baton Rouge for the bulk of the shoot. Should require some pretty major resources (both in labor and materials) from both locales.

I expect there will be a press conference in The Shreve at a later date. Wish I could get more details at present.

The state film office tweeted that crew members can fax resumes to the Baton Rouge office at (225) 330-6961. (No actor resumes.) I'll try and get more information about a Shreve office.

Meanwhile, if you have details, please post.


Anonymous said...

I saw the article in the TIMES.
As per the TIMES, why doesn't Arleena Acree want to comment on Battle LA? It seems everytime the film office says we are getting a film, we lose it to another city. The Shreveport film office fairly recently announced THE EXPENDABLES and THE MECHANIC as coming to film in Shreveport, and these films went to south Louisiana.
I guess the City of Shreveport now knows they blew it and went from first to worst in three years. Where are all these films announced to come here? Somebody really dropped the ball. You can only fool people for so long...
Now the public and the local investors are seeing the film industry go south. WHY??????

Anonymous said...

They're going south because that's where all the movies were being filmed before Katrina hit. Now that some kind of normalcy has returned down south, all the movies are going back.

Plus....I know i won't be able to change it, but I wish people would quit saying "The Shreve". It doesn't sound "cool" or "in" actually sounds kinda corny. It takes up just as much space as typing out Shreveport so why not use the entire name. I've had some friends tell me that they thought someone was referring to a place within the city.

Alexandyr Kent said...

I'm officially beginning a campaign to change Shreveport's name to The Shreve. Who's with me?!

It is undoubtedly the raddest piece of lingo -- that's right, RADDEST -- I've ever encouraged, and whatever cornballs can't tell the difference between The Shreve and Shreveport should suffer the lonely, unhip, clueless, out-of-the-know, shameful, Garmin-dependent consequences.

Bring on the cool! The Shreve it will be!

JB Jones said...

I prefer S-Port... Or Shrevetown... which, better represents what it is in terms of mentality.

The Shreve does sound a bit like some theatre or nightclub situated in Shreveport... but I'll call it whatever it wants to be called. A Shreve by any other name would still be home.

Anonymous said...

what about Shitport?
or Port-a-shrevepotty?

Anonymous said...

10:55Anon- I agree, why is it Mum's the word now? I posted a comment in the Times article, yday, and got no responses. And now the article is offline. It was all hype and hoopla when it came to movies, and now she won't comment? Something is definitely wrong around here. It's called sticking ones head in the sand and ignoring the reality, and buying into a fantasy. I have said it before and will say it again. Why is the area not getting anymore runaway productions? It's simply not the preferred destination of choice in Louisiana, for distant locations from the "zone". And the area has no real services or infrastructure. A huge difference between Stage Works and Celtic Media Center. The S'port film assistance office has The Mechanic listed but it has been known for some time it moved to N.O. Not only does the city know it is over, so does B.R. and N.O., and it is public knowledge in L.A. as well. However no one in the "gatekeeping" community will ever admit that, no not ever. Are there construction equipment down at Lake Milineum yet? No, but you don't hear sound bite after sound bite as to why. Word on the street is that Millineum is now saying Sept. Huh? Another push date in two years, the same amount of time it has taken the Celtic Center to get up and runnning. Can not anyone read between the lines here with this? It's not happening. Why does not anyone ask the real questions instead of going along with the fantasy? What is wrong with asking these questions? Why have the vendors left?, (Cine-lease, Pascals, Strangis), Why is Mansfield Studios shuttered?, (not reopening), Why has the transient crewbase left?, (most DON'T want to return), Why hasn't the indigenous crewbase been established, as planned at the beginning?, (BPCC, Centenary, LSU-S don't count). Just a few to make my point. Alexander, why don't you do a story about the real crap that has gone on? Why don't you ask these questions I have posed. I have and don't get a response. The silence is GOLDEN. One look at the ICG Rumormill report and one can see that southern Louisiana is getting eeevvveeerrryyyttthhhiiinnnggg. (for those who don't know, the ICG Rumormill is an International Camera Guild report of confirmed productions with greenlight or production status) So, my information is accurate and valid.
Alexander, if you care to speak with me directly concerning what I have said, then please answer yes, and expect a phone call. Question is, are you willing to jump down the rabbit hole, so to speak? I'll gladly speak with you, as I have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. For the rest of you, it's over. I gave the run a good five years, and it was over in two. Good luck and good bye.

Alexandyr Kent said...

My phone line is always open, and I welcome calls: (318) 459-3256. Generally here between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. with a break for lunch.