Monday, July 27, 2009

'Streets of Blood’ spills onto DVD Tuesday

Has the summer blockbuster schedule come up short in the old violence department? Of course it has.

"Streets of Blood," a movie starring Val Kilmer, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Sharon Stone, gets released on DVD Tuesday. It was shot in The Shreve last summer and produced by Studio Ops/Nu Image/Millennium Films.

It's about cops, murder, New Orleans and a post-Katrina criminal underworld.

Of course I haven't seen a final film but I watched a few minutes of a first cut when I visited the set last summer. (That's when 50 Cent playfully thumped me on the chest for nearly blowing an interview opportunity. I was led to mistake him for Kilmer, but that's another story.)

From the footage, I'm going to make a wild guess "Streets of Blood" isn't a family film. Pretty violent. A lot of gun play. People without clothes. And yes, a few dead things. All about corruption and drugs and the law breaking the law to maintain the law. Kind of like "The Shield" unrated. The teaser is perhaps representative of what to expect.

A few post-Katrina flood scenes were filmed at the Louisiana Wave Studio, which was built by "The Guardian" (2006) and also booked a couple days for "I Love You, Phillip Morris" (2010).

Are you excited for "Streets of Blood?" Disappointed by a DVD release? Are you playing hooky from work? Is it good? Bad? Let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Weak movie...maybe two stars.
You would think that after all this time they could get the right accent for south Louisiana. It would have been a much better movie if they didn't try so hard to fake the accent and exaggerate it to such an extreme degree. Just like the failed TV series K-Ville, they were way off base for Louisiana culture. Why not go without an accent rather than butcher the native New Orleans dialect. Nothing was real about the characters in this movie. The supporting actors were much more believable than Val Kilmer and Fity Cent. At least if you film in Shreveport you don't have to fake an accent.
The highlight of the movie was Shreveport really looked good on film!