Tuesday, July 14, 2009

'Haynesville' launches website, opportunities to follow filmmakers

The website for "Haynesville" has gone live, and it's a gas, man.

(I've been waiting months to crack that pun, and admittedly, it's not as rewarding as I had hoped. Oh, well.)

What's cool about the site? It features the first trailer, which will give you a clear idea of the scope of the storytelling. Though a locally produced documentary, "Haynesville" is more than just a piece about a local natural gas play. It's about how that play fits into the global energy crisis.

Enough of me. What does producer/director Gregory Kallenberg have to say?

"I really want this site to be a place where people can stay in touch with 'Haynesville,' but most importantly, I want the site to be a place where everyone can keep up on the important energy issues in the film and the film’s subjects," noted Kallenberg in a press release.

(I'm a bit offended he didn't call me, but that's OK. It's not about me.)

"This is a film about three lives caught in the middle of the largest natural gas discovery in the U.S. and maybe the world," Kallenberg said. "I think Chris Lyon, the editor, did an excellent job getting this big story and its elements into the trailer."

There you have it.

The Shreve should be getting excited about this film. It's not only about us and our ties to a worldwide energy crunch, but it demonstrates that indie documentary filmmaking can be a vibrant part of the local film industry.

Again, enough of me. Want more of "Haynesville?"

Take it as a desktop wallpaper, which is featured above.

Folllow "Haynesville" as a Twitter feed, which is here. Don't Tweet? Then surely you Facebook, which is here.

Not a social networker? Come on, grandma. I guess you and your Web 1.0 friends can just click "Stay Informed" on the homepage. The makers will send you occasional emails about their exploits.

When you visit the homepage, be sure to scroll down to follow the Filmmaker's Blog and the newsy links. All good stuff.

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