Monday, July 20, 2009

The world is saved: Blayne Weaver, Alexandyr Kent, Brandon Barrera to form boy band

Fake news story of the day:

Facing a deepening recession and a flagging film market, two filmmakers and a journalist have forged ahead with plans to debut a trio called The Walking Haircuts for the Christmas 2009 shopping season. Blayne Weaver and Brandon Barrera debuted the indie comedy "Weather Girl" this weekend at the Robinson Film Center, and decided the time was right to announce the signing of Times writer Alexandyr Kent to their fledgling boy band.

After Saturday's soldout screening, Weaver noted: "The economy needs two things to pull out of a worldwide slump: synchronized dancing and three-part harmony."

Barrera added, "It doesn't hurt that Kent sports hair like Sam Malone."

During the post-screening photo-op, Kent refused to answer questions and instead stated, "Do you really need anything more from us than smart-ass smiles and our four shooters a' blazin'?"


In truth, the "Weather Girl" Q&As were much cooler than they appear here. Thanks to everyone who showed. Here's a note from the Robinson Film Center's Chris Jay:

This weekend was the largest non-Oscar season box office in our history. ...

Following three consecutive sold-out screenings this weekend, Robinson Film Center has added a final opportunity to see the new romantic comedy Weather Girl and meet filmmakers and Bossier City, LA natives Blayne Weaver and Brandon Barrera on Monday, July 20 at 7:45 PM. The film stars Mark Harmon (NCIS) and Tricia O’Kelley (The New Adventures of Old Christine) in the story of a Seattle, WA weather girl who has an on-air meltdown after discovering that her boyfriend (who is also her co-anchor) has been cheating on her. Forced to move in with her slacker brother, she re-builds her life with a little help from her friends.

Writer/director Blayne Weaver and executive producer Brandon Barrera will participate in a Q&A session following the film – these two are natural born entertainers and their Q&A’s this weekend were some of the most lively and fun events we’ve ever hosted at Robinson Film Center.


Chris Jay will be handling the Q&A tonight. If I can wrap up an interview in time, I plan to be in attendance. No autographs, please. Get your tickets here.

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Alexandyr Kent said...

I've decided to crash tonight's party and host the Q&A. I can neither be stopped nor contained.