Friday, July 31, 2009

'The Collector' rips into local theaters

Opening today in theaters is "The Collector," a horror flick shot in The Shreve in early 2008. It was known as "The Midnight Man" while filming.

Some critics don't seem to love it. "The Collector" has been given the "torture porn" label, which will attract as many moviegoers as it will deflect.

Writer/director Marcus Dunstan penned a few of the "Saw" flicks and "Collector" marks his first time the director's chair. How did he do?

Says The Austin Chronicle: "This is Dunstan's feature debut, and both he and co-writer Melton have Project Greenlight's 'Feast' on their screenwriting CVs, as well as entries 4-7 of the Saw films, but if anything, 'The Collector' ends up feeling like a series of leftover gore gags and audio stingers from those earlier, freakier horror shows. It'll probably get your date to crawl into your lap (or ask for some earplugs), but 'The Collector' feels like the final, welcome nail in the bizarrely popular torture-porn coffin."

Says "To say that 'The Collector' is a torture-porn movie of a particularly vile and hateful sort is already to waste more words than the picture merits. Still, gore fans should be aware that this is not an especially scary film in any but the most primitive big-boo sense. It's a monotonous procession of gouged eyes, crushed hands, snapped necks, ripped guts, barbed-wire bindings, fish-hook torments and nail-board impalings."

But, hey, let's be fair and include a few words from a critic who loves him some torture porn. Writes MrDisgusting for "Most impressive about this new slasher/torture hybrid is the debut of a potential horror icon. The Collector (played by Juan Fernandez) is a creepy character that has two different colored eyed and an S&M-esque mask tied tight to his face (you can see him in the one sheet). His motives take a cue from classic slashers as it’s as simple as 'he just wants to own you.' There’s no revenge or idiotic motive behind this mask, he’s quite simply EVIL."

Sounds like my plumber.

SORTA LAME GIVEAWAY: A free "Soul Men" poster to the first commenter who correctly identifies the house/basement where much of this was filmed!


Richard Smith said...

was is it at the house on the corner of centenary and atkins?

Anonymous said...

was is the at the house on the corner of atkins and centenary?

Anonymous said...

It was filmed at the rather huge house on Gladstone off Centenary at Kings Hwy. Maybe the old Carl Jones house? Its in that area. Now the real trivia question... who plays the chaffeur in the car scene behind Coyote's Bar and how tall is he in real life?

JB Jones said...

Oh, I know where this was filmed... Every night, I had to take a detour to get home. I'm not very fond of detours. There was a great line (or succession of short lines rather) in Full Frontal about being inconvenienced by movie shoots.

Anonymous said...

I was the location scout and documentarian for The Collector. Photographer Scott Smith's former home at Centenary and Atkins was used for the interiors. A law office on Fairfield Ave. was used for a basement shot. A large home in Mansfield, La was used for the day and night exteriors. Night exteriors involving the ambulance were down rural road in south Shreveport. The bar scene was shot at Coyotes Biker Bar and Grill. Pop quiz, who played the bar owner/fence's bodyguard in the limo scene? The right answer get's you the name of the bar where we cast the exotic dancers;)

Alexandyr Kent said...

I don't know how I feel about giving away a poster to the location scout! David, go ahead and email me if you want it: