Friday, March 02, 2007

BTW students abuzz about Denzel

The Robinson Film Center's Chris Jay got caught up in a little Denzel madness this morning while teaching at Booker T. Washington High School. Here's a report from Chris:

According to students in The Robinson Film Center’s “Lights, Camera, Learning!” introductory digital filmmaking class at Booker T. Washington High School, Denzel also dropped by Fair Park High School to check out their auditoriums and classrooms.

This kind of report – especially from a student – is the very definition of “unreliable,” so a BTW faculty member and I called Fair Park and they confirmed it.

The staff member that we spoke to described the visit as a complete surprise – a van pulled up, the hallways were cleared, and Denzel and his crew inspected the areas they were interested in.

As more and more stars sign on to shoot films in Shreveport, student interest in filmmaking has gone through the roof. Just the fact that Samuel L. Jackson, Martin Lawrence, Queen Latifah, and Denzel Washington have laid foot on Shreveport soil (or will soon) has been enough to convince even the most cynical of my students that this is an actual career possibility for them.

It’s a wonderful side effect of the industry’s arrival in town.

BTW’s Telecommunications Magnet students are currently involved in creating a wonderful film of their own, entitled “All Things Come to Light,” which will premiere at the Louisiana Film Festival – Student Division March 24 at Centenary College.

So, Denzel, if you’re reading, I know some very talented young cinematographers, script supervisors, directors, and propmasters! Anyone (Academy Award-winner or otherwise) who’d like to learn more about our introductory filmmaking classes at BTW can read more and see photos of the filming process at our Flickr account:

Thanks, Chris.

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