Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bullock's 'Premonition' opens Friday

Sandra Bullock's "Premonition" opens this weekend, and I'm just as curious as you to see if our region can serve as a good backdrop for a great thriller.

I didn't get to visit the set -- not for lack of trying -- but I do know it was filmed all over the place. (Quite the scoop, huh?)

They were keeping their secrets secret. And if memory serves me right, it just happened to be around the time when the potential of Bullock's "Infamous" -- the other "In Cold Blood" movie -- was getting buried by success of "Capote." Coincidence? Hmm.


Pop Matters has a decent piece on Bullock getting in trouble for saying she was a "romantic-comicalic in need of an intervention."

MSNBC has a funnier piece on her being a cable TV goddess.

Meanwhile, do you have a premonition about "Premonition?" Will it be good? Bad? So-so? A total stinker? I'll review it Friday morning.

I'm ready for the best- and worst-case scenarios, I assure you. I'm armed with references to "Lake House." Supernatural romance? Supernatural thriller? Where, oh, where is the career of Ms. Bullock headed?

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Chris said...

It's a remake. How good can a remake made in Shreveport at the low of an actor's career be?

Hopefully good!