Friday, March 16, 2007

'Premonition' is not long for the big screens

So I reviewed "Premonition" today. Sorry to report it's a complete disaster of a mystery. It has more red herrings in it than my Uncle Herb's bloody live well. Superbly shot but horribly told.

Click here for my thoughts.

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I just saw the film..... I thought you missed the boat on this one. The crows blood on her hands represented her feelings of guilt (she thought she was causing Jim to die). It died in a literal storm (similar to the one our characters were in). There were many, many things that happened that I felt like were symbolic of our families crisis. The other "red herrings" in the movie all led me toward the conclusion that this was a good movie that with better editing and maybe a tweak in the script, could have been great!

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