Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Local actor gets his schmooze on ...

John F. Daniel had a busy week. The local stage actor has been doing quite a bit of extra work since the movie industry suddenly arrived in northwest Louisiana.

Evidently, he's also put in some time at the local wrap parties. The top is Daniel with Renny Harlin, director of "Cleaner." Daniel attended the party with a friend named Jennifer. Finland-born Harlin made her smile with the following request: "You watch my movie, 'The Long Kiss Good Night.' It is about a strong kickass woman. You watch it and you think of me and I will be thinking of you." Easy, Renny! Down boy!

Also, here are pics of Daniel with a Samuel L. Jackson ("Cleaner") and John Cho ("Harold & Kumar 2").
Thanks, JFD. You're having much better success than me in getting camera time!

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