Friday, March 16, 2007

Critics just don't understand ...

Chris Jay's account of "The Tiger and the Snow" screening:

By all accounts, our co-presentation of Roberto Benigni's "The Tiger & The Snow" was far more successful than organizers had expected. Around 100 turned out for the film (sorry for the dark pic, it was snapped during the credits) and it seemed to be universally loved by the crowd. For a film that's currently got a 17% on, the audience tonight had a wonderful time.

-- Chris Jay works for the Robinson Film Center.

'Premonition' review forthcoming

On a related note, I'll be reviewing "Premonition" today. You'll see me, my computer and one hand pulling my receding hair at the 11:25 a.m. Boardwalk screening. Here are the words critics have written so far. Again, ouch. (Please don't throw tomatoes at me on the off chance I don't approve. I prefer apples.) "Premonition" was shot in northwest Louisiana.

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