Sunday, February 24, 2008

Barbara on 'Juno': 'I don't get it'

Stop the ceremony! Barbara Walters is confused.

During her Oscars special, Ms. Interview interviewed best actress nominee Ellen Page. Said Barbara, I'm going to ask you about the music. "Ellen, I don't get it."

Wow! How very dated and "honest" of you. I'm sure her ratings with the 18 to 35 just shot through the roof.

Everything was made good when Ms. Interview asked Page to serenade her with that Moldy Peaches ditty.



Anonymous said...

I am so glad someone else caught that. Without coming off as ageist or worse, Barbara Walters needs to cede this show to someone else. If there ever was a year to let a real film geek take control (I could have put my life on hold to host) this was that year. Of course Walters doesn't "get it." The Oscars of yore aren't coming back.

And, if the powers that be really want an older or authoritative take on things, why not get Robert Osbourne from TCM? At least he doesn't put me to sleep.

PS. Let me know when I can start complaining about Jon Stewart being the host. (Talk about barf!)

Michael said...

Dear Barbara,
What is there to "get"? Do you like the music or not? You practically FORCED the girl to play the song, when she CLEARLY was not interested in doing so...and she still made me cry and she made you hum. So what's the deal ? Please retire.

Loves ya much,