Saturday, February 09, 2008

Local perspective on the strike

I added the following graphs to an AP story (it's called "localizing") about the possible end of the writers' strike. The overview should give you a small idea of how this news will affect The Shreve:

Pace of production hasn’t slowed in northwest Louisiana since the beginning of the strike Nov. 5. During the first quarter of 2008, at least nine projects will be produced, ranging from large feature films to small reality series.

Since the industry arrived in Shreveport in late 2005, the area has developed primarily as a location for shooting feature films and TV movies. At present, four feature films – “Tekken,” “Year One,” “The Untitled Ice Cube Movie” and “Soul Men” – are being shot in the area. One TV series, “Sordid Lives,” wrapped in late January.

Episodic television, which is produced primarily in Los Angeles, has been the hardest hit sector of the entertainment industry by the three-month long strike.

It is generally agreed, however, that the longer the WGA strike lingers, the more likely it is to affect the Shreveport market.

Resolution of the strike could bring temporary sense of ease to the local industry. The possibility of another major strike, however, remains.

The Screen Actors Guild, whose contract with the major Hollywood studios expires in June, could go on strike if no agreement is reached. SAG represents 120,000 actors. The WGA represents 12,000 movie and TV writers.

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