Sunday, February 24, 2008

Phew ... Javier wins

... and my house is still in one piece. One of my celebrity guests was preparing for a riot if Javier hadn't won best supporting actor for "No Country."

Stewart finally told a funny joke about Cate Blanchett playing every role, including the killer dog in "No Country."

The Oscars just doesn't have the sparkle so far, and I think it falls on the host. As chris-brad said, the crowd is disinterested.


Anonymous said...


After "The Golden Compass" won (whatthe heck?!?!?) and "Sweeney Todd" beat our picks ("Atonement" and "TWBB") for art direction I was beginning to get worried this was going to be one of those years where nothing was the way it should be.

At least the Cate Blanchett playing the dog was a hit. Most everything else has been a miss. Where's Billy Crystal when you need him?

Anonymous said...

Your celebrity guest didn't forget his wig and tank did he?

Anonymous said...

I think it speaks to what your sense of humor is that you (both) think Jon Stewart's funniest bit so far was a cheap gag about Cate Blanchett playing a dog. I don't always side with him, but I think he's been pretty funny for the most part, including his political funnies in the opening bit (also: the bit about how the Oscars are "green"). I did miss the fun opening skit, however; the bit with him and George Clooney in bed was class.

Alexandyr Kent said...

anon, I completely agree with you about my sense of humor. I do tend to laugh at absurd or cheap gags when it comes to Oscar night.

I guess I personally found Stewart's political jokes to be out of place on Oscar night. It's the biggest stage in the world, and I felt as if he sometimes brought too much of his "Daily Show" stuff to the mic. To me, Oscar night is a time for joking about movies, not politics.

But that's just me.

Anonymous said...